10 tricks to cheer up in the fall

Less heat and sun, more stress. In the fall, not only the temperature and leaves from the trees fall, but also our life tone. Journalist and writer Isabelle Artyus shares the ways to prevent him from decreasing to zero mark.

Specialists are unanimous: it is impossible to avoid autumn spleen and fatigue – biological rhythms will take their. In the fall, all the living fades and falls asleep. It is not surprising that we always want to take a nap and there is not enough energy for active activity. But do not despair. Simple exercises will help to cheer up and do not sour this fall.

1. Cold bath

Nothing invigorates the body like cold water. Even in the middle of the 19th century, the Catholic priest Sebastian Kneip, who became famous for the methodology of hydrotherapy, proved that the water below 18 ° C has a strong exciting effect, primarily on the nervous system. Kneip advised patients in the fall in the morning of the grass or, rolling up pants, walk along the seashore or river.

It is not necessary to resort to such extreme methods – a contrast shower or cold hands for hands will be quite good. It is enough to draw ice water (approximately 14 ° C) into the sink and lower the brushes there for 30 seconds. Then don’t forget to lubricate your hands with a nourishing cream.

2. Exercise “Big Tree”

This exercise for several thousand years. In the practice of qigong, it is considered the most powerful way to obtain qi energy. “Big tree” does not require physical effort. The main thing is to find free time.

Take the starting position: the body is relaxed, the legs are shoulder -width apart, the feet are parallel, the knees are slightly bent, the back is straight. The pelvis must be slightly moved forward. The chin is lowered, the neck is straight. At the same time, the head was suspended by the crown. The tongue touches the upper sky, the eyes are covered, but not closed at all.

Imagine that your legs turn into the roots of a tree and absorb moisture, nutrients and yin energy from the ground. Imagine that the body is growing and striving for the sky. Raise your hands so that the palms are opposite the navel. The elbows are set off from the body, as if you were wrapping around a large inflatable


ball. Feel it between your palms and navel.

Feel how this ball begins to grow, it becomes more and more, goes beyond your body, and you find yourself inside it. Then the ball begins to decrease, and now it fits in your hands again. Repeat the exercise several times.

3. Breathing exercises

Lie on a rug, put your arms under your hips, and raise your legs vertically, leaning your heels against the wall. Take a deep breath, pouting your stomach and exhale through your nose. Repeat the exercise within five minutes. It stimulates the outflow of blood from the lower extremities and the pelvis to the upper body, so that the brain is better saturated with oxygen, and you feel more vigorous.

4. Yoga of the fingers

This exercise in the practice of wise (yoga fingers) is called wise energy. Combine the thumb, middle and ring fingers, stretch the index finger and little finger. To achieve the optimal result, it is recommended to do mudra once a day for 45 minutes or three times a day for 15 minutes.

5. Musical pause

Psychologist Stefan Gete believes that the correctly compiled playlist will help “recharge batteries”. Of course, music should not be just loved. The tracks need to be placed in the correct order: first – slow relaxing melodies, but from the track to the track the pace should gradually accelerate.

He offers this option: sonata for piano at the pace of Adagio, then the string quartet accompanied by the piano at the pace of Moderato and, in order to finally get out of the numbness, the symphony orchestra – Allegro. The optimal duration of the musical pause is 20 minutes. Make a playlist in advance and listen on the way to work.

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